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7 Eleven

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

SMP: A campaign that reminds you that you’re hungry, but also that your day shouldn’t have to stop for meal times.

USP: A food range that doesn’t stop the flow of your day.

For this project I worked in a team of creatives to Incorporate modes of transportation with food from the 711 on the go range. It is Portraying the philosophy that with the on the go range our consumers don’t have to stop their busy day. My team chose to use minimal copy as our viewers will only be seeing these ads for a short moment of time. By using the text “dont stop” and using the recognisable 7 11 logo the consumer will be able to see the ad and be engaged in a shot moment of time

I found this project highly relevant for expanding my interpersonal and communication skills whilst working amongst other creatives of different talents and styles .

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