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AWARD School 2022

AWARD School is Australia's top globally recognised course for aspiring Creatives over 12 weeks.

I was lucky enough to score a place on The Wall for my campaign The Limited Edition.

*I have mocked up a few of my Award School Ideas for effect, however all official submissions are hand drawn in black and white. *


Taronga Zoo helps animals in the wild

 Intergrated campaign

Insight: The words endangered and conservation get thrown around so much, they dont get peoples attention like 'limited edition' do.

Idea: Taronga Zoo will provoke social change by creating The Limited Edition, a campaign that creates a sense of urgency around aussie animals facing extinction.


Activation pop up that displays limited edition items with an impactful focus on the orange bellied parrot,

the most endangered animal in Australia.


For the cleanest glass

Windex, OOH poster


* A TZ microsite that educates you about endangered Australian animals and allows you to buy limited-edition merch to support the cause *


Give your old furniture a second life


Ikea Buy Back Program 



Nicorette Gum, Digital

Insight: Ditching a habit altogether is hard, replacing it is easier.


Idea: Nicobreak proactively combats nicotine addiction by taking the three core challenges

for quitting and creating activities to target each challenge. 

to activate activities simply tap a cigarette emoji that has been sent on Facebook messenger, 

messenger will then launch three activities designed to; pass the craving, stimulate your hands and stimulate your mind. Each activity is made to last between 5 to 15 minutes, the average time it takes for a craving to pass.


Winter is different in New Zealand

Tourism NZ, PR

Insight: Aussies want to travel but have limited time to take off so usually save it for summer.

Idea: allows you to rent a kiwi to take your place in Australia while you enjoy a winter in New Zealand. This campaign will be launched by Chris Hemsworth who rents NZ comedian Julian Dennison


Don't just dream it, build a website

Squarespace, Digital 

Insight: Everyone has dreams, but due to limitations such as disabilities or lack of create/technical knowledge, not everyone can create the website of their dreams.


Idea: Squarespace helps anyone create the website of their dreams through a text-based Al generation. Simply type in a descriptive word like "colourful" and "bold" or even more unusual adjectives like "fluffy" "blooming" or "firey". Pair that with a functional term like "portfolio" or "shop" and Squarespace Al will create the site of your dreams before your eyes.


A product, business or entrepreneurial idea

For the 1 in 6 Australian households experiencing financial pressure

Insight: Low income earners cannot afford gym memberships and equipment. As a result, their physical health can suffer.


Idea: Fit Foods empowers the everyday person to create a healthier lifestyle with what they do have access to, grocery stores. Fit Foods will launch in Australian supermarkets as food and drink items that double as workout equipment. Creating affordable access to equipment, that evades the expensive tax.
Fit Foods will also introduce the Fit Foods sticker, a QR code that is stuck on any food items that can also be included as fitness equipment.

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